Processing Type: Single / Multiple

General Requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form (computerized or typewritten) one (1) original and one (1) photocopy. Application Forms are available for download at
  2. Two (2) recent passport sized photo w/ white background pasted on the application form. For sample photos, visit
  3. Passport (valid for a minimum of 6 months, with at least 2 adjacent unused pages). Photocopy the data page and all pages with stamp and previously issued visas.
  4. Previous passports (if applicable). Photocopy the data page and all pages with stamp and previously issued visas.
  5. Economic means of the applicant as follows
    • a. Bank Certificate with average daily balance for the past six months:
      Original bank book & statement of account for the past six (6) mos.
    • b. Income Tax Return (ITR)
    • c. International Credit Cards (copy)
  6. If employed: Original Certificate of Employment with monthly compensation and authorization for leave of absence
  7. If self-employed: Business Permit, Registration, and Company ITR
  8. For minors: Travel consent is required from both parents. If the applicant is not travelling with any of the parents, DSWD travel clearance is also required.
  9. For non-Filipino applicants, please present your ACR, ICR and re-entry permit.
  10. Details of travel
    • a. Detailed itinerary (only itineraries with Greece as main destination and/or with the
      longest stay will be processed)
    • b. Booking certificate (not the confirmed ticket)
    • c. Confirmed hotel reservations
  11. Travel Health Insurance
    • a. Minimum coverage of 30.000 Euros ; Must be recognized in all Schengen States
    • b. Validity period of the insurance coverage must be for the duration of the visa
      (example: A 90 days Schengen visa must have an insurance coverage of 90 days)
  12. Photocopy of all original documents.