Processing Type: Single / Multiple

General Requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished Schengen application form.
  2. One (1) recent passport‐size photo with white background (to be pasted on the application form)
  3. Valid passport (valid for a minimum 3 months after the planned trip).
  4. 1 photocopy of the data page of the valid passport and all previous visas and stamps.
  5. Previous passports (if applicable).
  6. For spouses of Spanish/EU nationals – Spanish/EU marriage certificate (issued not more than 6 months ago) recognized by the Government of the corresponding EU national. Marriages that are not registered/recognized by the corresponding EU Government will not be processed as an EU spouse visa. Only marriages recognized/registered by the corresponding EU Government are free of charge.
  7. Minors: The corresponding authorization.
  8. Proof of economic means: Bank Certificate, Bank Books, ITR, International Credit Cards.
  9. If invited by relative/friend, OFFICIAL INVITATION LETTER issued by Spanish Police and photocopy of the sponsor´s passport and/or D.N.I., residence card, etc.
  10. If employed: Certificate of Employment and authorization for leave of absence (original copies).
  11. If self‐employed: Business Permit, Registration, Company ITR (original and 1 photocopy).
  12. For non‐Filipino applicants, please present your ACR, ICR and re‐entry permit (and 1 set of photocopies).
  13. Airline reservation from an airline office:
    • a. Detailed itinerary and confirmed hotel reservations
    • b. Only itineraries with Spain as main destination (longest stay) will be processed
  14. Travel Health Insurance
    • a. Minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.
    • b. Must be recognized in all Schengen States
    • c. Validity period of the insurance coverage must be for the duration of the intended stay