Processing Type: Single / Multiple

General Requirements:

  1. Dully filled application form
  2. 2 pcs. 2×2 photos with white background (no showing of teeth or smiling photo)
  3. Bank certificate w/ receipt (addressed to the embassy)
  4. Passport (at least (6) months valid)
  5. Bank statement (latest 6 months transaction of the same account)
  6. Credit card statement (if applicable – latest 6 months transaction)
  7. Income tax return with tin (photocopy with receipt)
  8. NSO marriage certificate (if married and travelling with spouse)
  9. NSO birth certificate

For Employee:

  1. Certificate of employment
  2. Approved leave of absence

For Businessman:

  1. Mayor’s permit
  2. DTI / SEC
  3. Business registration
  4. Company ITR with tin number

For Student/Child:

  1. Original school certification
  2. Copy of school ID
  3. Copy of NSO birth certificate

For Retiree:

  • Copy of senior citizen id or retirement documents

*NOTE: Additional Requirements:


  • Copy of ACR/ICR (alien certificate of registration/immigration certificate of residence)


  1. Travel insurance minimum coverage of 30, 000 euros for 45 days
  2. Proof of funds and assets