Meetings are essentials for management and communication. Properly-run meetings save time, increase motivation, productivity, and efficiency in problem-solving. Meetings breed new ideas and initiatives.

At Travelite, we identify the essentials of meetings and we specialize in offering the desired solution to meet your needs in one. Our team provides high quality consultation services and meeting facilities at affordable prices.

We can arrange meetings for groups that range in size from 20 persons up to thousands of them. Besides in conventional venues like hotels, we provide options to set up meetings against spectacular sceneries or in exotic locations.

Event Program Management

Be assured that you will be able to leverage the experience of well-trained, event management teams and certified meeting planners dedicated to providing you and your attendees with exceptional experiences. As a member of your team, they are supported with the latest technology, processes and best practices in the industry.

On-site Services

Many times, large customer conferences or channel event programs include very sophisticated registration and on-site service requirements. This, coupled with the needs of exhibitors and a trade show floor, makes logistics a significant challenge. Travelite has a number of services and proprietary technology applications that greatly simplify the management of attendee tracks, reports, exhibitor and speaker needs.